Millennials are Changing Office Design

We know that millennials make up a large percentage of the workforce.  As more and more millennials join the workforce, we have seen office design change to accommodate the new generation of workers. Gone are the days of seeing work as only a place to be from 9-5. The view of the work place is changing, and so are your employees. Here are a few ways millennials are changing office design. 



Collaboration is key 

Millennials are the most educated generation to date. Meaning most of your workforce came from a college background. One thing that is fostered during college is the idea of working as a group. This is one of the reasons we have seen so many companies embrace the open office concept. They see a need for workstations, instead of cubicles.  We see more and morea a need for ideas to be shared without walls. 



Break Out Work Areas 

Millennials need somewhere they can get “away” from work. That is why the break room has turned into more than just a place to eat lunch. The idea of giving employees a break room that is more about mingling and getting to know other employees. Large tables where employees can meet is such an important part of the new work place. Our Glenn Table is all about adding a communal element to any work place. 



Go Bold 

Millennials were raised with social media at the finger tips for a good majority of their lives. These means they want an office that is visually appealing. When potential employees walk in you want them to not only remember your brand, but they can see themselves working there. This means adding a statement piece or color to your office. Going bold isn’t tough to do. It could be as simple as a painting. 



As even millennials join the workforce we are sure we will see even more changes in office design. Office design is ever changing, but it seems that millennials are leading the charge due to this new way of viewing the work space. Adding even a bit of millennial “touch” can take an office from feeling old and out dated to somewhere that people love to work. 


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