Sustainability is top of mind at Iron Age Office. It is of the utmost importance that our partners possess this same priority.

Our wood supplier creates zero by-products by reusing the sawdust, created from cutting the wood, as fuel for the heater that dries the maple wood.

All metal we are unable to use ourselves gets melted down and reshaped by our partner Intonu. The metal can then be re-used to handcraft more furniture.

  • Timeless product design
  • Permanent longevity
  • Social and cultural durability



We utilize strong, organic materials that are intended to last a lifetime, and then some. Our aim is to increase the overall lifespan of our product to increase its sustainability.

Iron Age Office furniture creates no toxins or harmful by-products when being used or stored. Our product can be touched, cleaned, disassembled, and no waste will be created. This gives our clients peace of mind, knowing their health is safe while using IAO furniture.


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