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British Designer Meets U.S. Fabricator

Our team consists of designers and artists who all share the same love and appreciation for craftsmanship. Together, we are improving our handcrafted techniques and discovering new methods to craft. Our goal is to shine a new light on handcrafted furniture.



The story of Iron Age Office (IAO) is one of camaraderie and the pursuit the American Dream.    

When navigating through life, it’s important to push outside of your comfort zone to grow and learn what you’re truly capable of. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Sean Dineen, did just that.  After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University (England) with a Graphic Design Degree, Sean set out to follow his passion for soccer. A decision fueled by his refusal to fall into the “9 to 5” routine.  He traveled across the southern regions of America while coaching youth soccer camps.  He could have never anticipated where his travels would lead him next. 

During his time coaching, Sean would live with a new host family each week. Little did he know, living with one of the families (The Stephens) would change his life forever. Michael Stephens, father of the host family and owner of Southern Machine & Fabrication, immediately saw something in Sean and took him under his wing. The two bonded immediately, and Michael knew that he had to make the introduction to his good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Adam Slipakoff. During this meeting, Michael showed off a unique desk he had built for himself using materials that he’d hand selected from his facility, which turned out to be the initial spark for the company. Through the combination of Michael’s manufacturing background, Adam’s entrepreneurial spirit and Sean’s creative acumen, Iron Age Office was born (2015). 

Fully dedicated to their professions, Michael and Adam trusted Sean to take full creative control of the company. Almost immediately, Sean became the visionary of IAO.  After some intensive research, he recognized that there was a desperate need for a high quality, powerful alternative to the industry norm. With a combination of solid wood and carbon steel, Sean created a timeless, industrial style that thrives in both commercial and residential environments, a style now referred to as ‘Resimercial’. 

In just a few years, Iron Age Office has grown into an 80,000 square foot facility, with a workforce 50+ employees strong. You could say that Sean’s initial lack of knowledge surrounding the commercial furniture industry has been the key factor that allowed IAO to operate in a unique manner and provide something that has never been done before. With a mission to revive craftsmanship in the U.S, the company plans to become the largest handcrafted furniture manufacturer in the country.  

“The best thing for me, is that I am able to provide jobs to people who love what they do. We have turned a hobby into a profession where they can be creative and make works of art every day.” – Sean Dineen, CEO Iron Age Office

IAO now prides its self on being the powerful alternative to mainstream brands

Sean set out to increase IAO’s design portfolio from just desks and shelving to large multi-person workstations and shelving solutions for the ever-changing, ever-growing workspace.Iron Age Office has shown and continues to show extreme growth. Transitioning from 300 sqft to 20,000 sqft within 3 years, Iron Age is now moving into a new 80,000 sqft workshop. The growth of the company has created jobs for a large team of skilled professionals that handcraft works of art for large commercial spaces across the United States and Canada. IAO has been fortunate to work with brands such as Jack Daniels, Budweiser and Orange theory to help them create a powerful workspace.

Sean had a vision for IAO from the beginning and believes that not only do CEOs and owners of companies need to have nice spaces, but the employees need to be proud of their work environments as well. IAO is proud to employ people in the U.S. to build amazing pieces of furniture that allow all companies to be excited and proud of their office space.


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