Sunbelt Investment Holdings Inc.

One of our top priorities is to make sure our product best represents the client’s brand. JKaiser Workspaces teamed up with Iron Age Office to create a powerful workspace for their client, ‘Sunbelt Holdings’.

JKaiser Workspaces is a full-service commercial furnishings and design firm committed to elevating the work experience for both employers and the talent they wish to attract. Once JKaiser Workspaces saw the space at Sunbelt Holdings, they knew that IAO would be the perfect manufacturer to fill their space. 

Sunbelt Holdings (SIHI) is a privately held real estate company owning, managing, and developing high-quality residential and commercial real estate assets utilizing a long-term ownership perspective. JKaiser Workspaces and Iron Age Office helped transform their workspace into an industrial wonderland with handcrafted workstations, tables, storage units, and height-adjustable desks (as seen above).

It was truly a pleasure to work with JKaiser Workspaces to bring their vision to life.

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