Our commitment to quality is absolute, so it’s always an exciting opportunity to work with a company that shares that same mentality.  FlexArm, “the leader in tapping arms and ergonomic solutions” knew that they wanted furniture to match their powerful ambitions.  We were eager to take on the challenge.

We filled their office space to the brim with our Carruca Workstations and IAO Cubes.  These will afford their employees the ability to collaborate easily while maintaining the privacy and space that they need.

This statement from FlexArm’s website really resonated with us: “From humble beginnings to a vibrant, growing company, FlexArm has carved out a niche for itself in American manufacturing with efficient, flexible machines and a service-first culture.”   While the products we provide may differ, Iron Age and FlexArm share the same appreciation for our beginnings, as well as the same determination for continued customer satisfaction.


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