Halcyon (food hall)

When JLL (representing Halcyon) reached out to Iron Age to create a powerful dining environment, Iron Age jumped to the task. Iron Age not only furnishes workspaces, but also the experiences and spaces that intertwine with establishments like Halcyon.

Halcyon wanted a powerful, and industrial vibe, to complement their core branding and location. Iron Age accomplished that, and did Halcyon one extra; providing the most durable wood on the market. Most tables wouldn’t be able to handle the wear and tear of the dining area. However, Iron Age furniture is built with raw materials that are meant to last forever.

Halcyon aims to bring the community of Alpharetta together with both corporate work life and a family-friendly environment. With the updated and modern vibe, Halcyon is a perfect location to sit a table, grab a cup of coffee, and get work done.

Finish Option: Cappuccino


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