The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Happiness At Work

Most of us spend a third of our lives at work, so happiness at work affects our very being. With that in mind and knowing that happiness is through a means of personal choices, here is the guide to get your mind focusing on the positives.

It all boils down to three things

We’re talking beyond pay and benefits here. Happiness in the workplace boils down to three internal needs we all have:

Purpose and meaning:

We need to feel that our work matters to the company. How does what you do serve your customers? How does your work benefit your team? How does your team help the entire organization? Understanding these details is critical to understanding your value to the company. Think of it this way – if they didn’t need you, you wouldn’t be there. If you don’t understand where you fit in the big picture, don’t be afraid to ask, especially if it can change your outlook on the job that you do.

We also need to make sure that our position and accomplishments are both aligned with our personal values. If your values align to bringing people joy, then a collections job may not be the right career fit. Solving problems may be a better fit for you. An alternative could be in the form of customer service or sales. If you value a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, then you may thrive better in a job where you see through tasks from start to finish. It doesn’t mean you should leave your company, but perhaps focus your aspirations to a different department.

Optimism for future growth

Do you see career growth in the future? Do you have an idea of where you would like to go next? If you aspire to promote to another position at your company, find out the path to get there and set a plan in place. Your supervisor or HR is a great resource. Don’t be concerned with your supervisor’s feelings. Helping employees grow to promotable positions within the company reflects well on them as leaders. They may set you up with stretch goals to help you develop professionally, or have you work on projects outside of your comfort zone to expand your knowledge and experience.

If your growth is outside of your company, have a plan to be ready for the next opportunity. Enroll in the next level of education required, or volunteer to take on different projects that will give you the experience you need for that next jump.

Work friends and other positive relationships at work

Feeling a connection to someone is good for our psyche. Even if it’s a single person, it’s important to have a confidante and ally in your group of colleagues. Having someone to laugh with and share brings levity and happiness to your workplace for both of you. Remember, this is a third of your life – of course, you want a friend! Meet new people at the company by participating in different events as a chance to mingle and get to know others outside of your department. Volunteer for special projects as a means to shake up your routine and meet others. You never know – you may meet the right person to get you to that next role. Never underestimate the power of a network of professionals, even if that wasn’t your intention. Friends help each other.

You are in control of your happiness

We at Iron Age Office can provide you an exquisite office environment, but while our furniture meets all of your needs, makes a bold statement, and provides the ultimate comfortable environment, we know that even our beautiful office furniture is not the key to your happiness. There are many other things that we could branch off to, but they all fall into these three buckets mentioned above. How did you do checking off each of these three items? If you fall short on something, make a plan today to make that change. You are in more control of your happiness than anyone else!


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