Why Made In America? Quality Office Furniture

At Iron Age Office, we possess several unwavering tenants.  For example, our quality office furniture is composed of only the highest quality materials.  Each piece of office furniture is always handcrafted by our talented team, from welders to woodworkers.  Our employees are treated like family.  Last, but not least: we manufacture exclusively in the United States of America.  Today, we want to spend some time discussing why that last tenant is so important to us. 

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, operating in America ensures that all workers affiliated with Iron Age Office all benefit from safe working conditions, ethical corporate behavior, and fair wages.  Many other countries lack the quality labor standards that are present here in the United States.  Unlivable wages, dangerous working conditions, and even child labor are all too common in other parts of the world.  By keeping our operation at home, we can ensure our employees never face such unfortunate realities. 

Additionally, manufacturing in the U.S. ensures more American jobs.  Iron Age Office currently employs roughly 50 individuals, each with their own unique talents and abilities.  If we build our furniture abroad, we would be missing the world-class skills of our team.  Better yet, the more money that is spent on American made goods, the more money can be reinvested into American manufacturing. 

Beyond these valuable benefits, operating in America is far simpler than trying to navigate the logistical challenges of foreign production.  Importing goods into the country can be expensive, but also time-consuming and unreliable, especially if there’s diplomatic tension between the U.S. and the country from which the goods are being imported.  Plus, not only are logistical headaches being cut out of the equation by manufacturing in America, you’re also likely to get a higher quality product. With Iron Age Office, it’s all about quality office furniture, which you can read more about here.

From day one, Iron Age Office has maintained a firm commitment to being made in America.  No matter what, we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our products, and the best way to ensure that no corners are cut is to manufacture domestically.  At the end of the day, Iron Age Office is proud to be American, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. 






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