With Handcrafted Office Furniture, It’s All About the Quality

When selling Iron Age Office designs, you are not selling a random desk from a mass producer. You are selling an expert-level of skill, artistry, and the renaissance of true craftsmanship. See the video featuring our entire building process. handcrafted office furniture


Every piece is made to order

At Iron Age Office, we do not mass-produce anything. To make sure every one of your customers is delighted, we prefer to wait. This wait enables us to adjust our product to best suit our customer’s needs.


We take it personally

Because we are craft artisans, we consider every piece of furniture we make to be a piece of art. Because it is art, no two are exactly alike. With this artistry comes an unmatched presence of pride in our workshop in every step of the process.

Our designers take room dimensions and make the impossible – possible by designing the perfect size that will maintain the structure quality and beauty.

Our welders create our bases and all metal pieces by hand with a goal of perfection, personally ensuring maximum strength and built to last.

Our wood craftsmen work, sand, and stain the wood to the customer’s specifications. They create a perfect look to the work surfaces that continues remarkable consistency from one piece to the next. handcrafted office furniture


Made in the USA

From the steel bases to the maple surfaces, every piece of our furniture materials comes from the USA and built in our Georgia workshop. Our design is not only built to last but also built to ship. Our pieces can flat-pack for easy shipping. Because there are few moving parts, assembly is a snap.


Best quality example – EVER

One of our favorite tributes of Iron Age Office quality is the story of the desk that rode out a massive hurricane. Kerrigan Marketing Associates that was 6.5 feet underwater after Hurricane Michael. The Iron Age Office desk was the only thing in the entire office that could be salvaged after the storm.


Don’t be fooled by mass-produced look-a-likes

Ours is not just merely a “look.” Ours is a dominance of design and engineering. Shake and rattle the pieces for structural integrity. Look closely at the wood. Ask where everything was made. Ask about size requests and wood stain options. Ask of their confidence that their desk can ride out a hurricane. You will slowly see them drop from consideration to discover their values do not match ours at IAO.


More than office furniture

When it comes to selling IAO to your customers, think that we are a step above “office furniture.” We prefer to call it “craft furniture,” because, for us, our product is a celebration of our craft in each and every piece. Our furniture is built to last many years, not just the next move.

Your customers looking to add bold distinction to their environment will appreciate the workmanship applied to each item they purchase, with them specifically in mind. Come and see our latest projects! Show your customers who else appreciates great craftsmanship!


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