Office Design Trends That Are Staying in 2018

Office have clearly changed over the years, and they will continue to change and conform to the employee generations to come. But below are three design trends that have emerged the past few years, and we’re pretty sure are sticking around in 2018.

Collaborative Spaces

Most offices have kicked cubicles to the curb, and for good reason. Not only do employees not enjoyed being confined to cubicle space, but there have been plenty of studies that more efficient and better work gets done when employees have spaces to collaborate.  

Plenty of offices have jumped on this trend and taking it as far as they can. Other offices have faced a dilemma with this trend. They want to keep a very professional environment, but also want to appeal to this new generation of employee, so what should they do? Lucky for them, they don’t have to go full on beanbag chairs. Our workstations are perfect for these companies. They are open and collaborative, but timeless and classic, so companies get the best of both worlds.

Dynamic Spaces

As more and more start-ups enter into the market, less and less office space will become available. That’s where the dynamic workspaces come into play. Morph one room, from office space, to an open area for your after-hours open house. New employee? Rearrange the office space to fit them in perfectly.

Having a dynamic space allows your office to change frequently, so it never gets old to you or your employees. It also comes into play when you need to fit more/less in your space. Once again, Iron Age Office products work for this trend as well. We can put our products on castors, so you can move and change them about the office whenever you need. We also have a mobile screen divider that you can use to keep your space fluid and dynamic.

Comfortable and Homey

While people like to keep their work life and home life separate, that doesn’t mean office spaces have to be a cold unwelcoming place for clients and employees. A comfortable environment helps employees feel more at ease coming into work, rather than dreading spending hours in their office every day.


While most office furniture doesn’t scream homey, adding plants, pillows and lamps around your office will give it that feel. Little adjustments like that can make a big difference in your office environment. Plus our furniture goes perfectly with homey earthy touches like plants.  


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