How to Choose the Best Desk for Your Office

Your desk is the center piece of your office. When choosing the desk for you needs there are a few factors to account for. 


Size of the room

It doesn’t matter if you are designing for a residential or commercial space, the size of your room matters.  You never want to face the dreaded situation of having a desk that is too big for your space.  One of the first things to decide is the shape of desk you want and how that will fit in your space. Here at Iron Age Office we carry single standard desks, L-shape desks, and U-shaped desks. Don’t have a lot of space? A single standard is the perfect choice for you. Have a little more space but don’t want the desk to take up the whole room. Any L-shape desk would be a great choice. Want a ton of desk space and have a lot of room to work with? Our U-shape would be the desk for you. While, there are so many choices of shape and sizes of desk, it’s important to know what will fit and what just won’t. We all wish we could have a U-shape desk with tons of space, but sometimes that is just not realistic. Making sure your desk will fit your office is the most basic, but one of the most crucial steps of purchasing a desk.


Color pallet

White walls are out for commercial and residential offices. Now we are seeing more and more color being incorporated into offices. From neutral colors to colors you wouldn’t expect like red. That’s why finding the right stain is so important for your desk. The color of your desk shouldn’t be a one-size fits all option. It’s all about finding what stain works for your desk and office. If your office is a bit dark, choose a stain that is lighter; like our provincial stain to lighten up the room. Love a dark office? Make sure you choose more of medium walnut or cappuccino. Requesting stain samples is the best way to see what will work in your office. It gives you a chance to compare to really see what a color will look like in the space.  Color and stains may seem so trivial, but it is an important part of your office feel. You are going to be spending hours in workspace, make sure your desk really fits the feel of your office.



You have finally decided on what design elements you want in your office. Now it’s time to figure out a desk that goes along with that.  You have a ton options like rustic, ergonomic, or our personal favorite modern industrial just to name a few.  When deciding on a desk you need to make sure you pick what feels right for your space. Putting a desk that doesn’t fit the style of the room, won’t make it any easier to sit down and do your work. Make sure you do your homework and look what works best for design elements. It’s important to make sure your commercial or residential office furniture matches your style while still providing the necessary elements to get work done.  Make sure when you reach out to companies you ask all the questions you may have. You want to make sure every piece of your desk is what you want, and what will work in your space. It is important to feel comfortable in your decision since you will spend most the day at your desk.


Finding the right desk takes time, but is well worth the research to find exactly what you want.  It is important to find a desk that fits your needs and design.  On average you will spend 8 hours a day at your desk. You don’t want something that doesn’t work for your workspace.


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