Unique Office Furniture: How IAO Customizes

Whenever someone walks into a space, one of the first things they notice is unique and custom furniture. It defines the atmosphere of any space by dynamically bringing everything, and everyone, together. The more custom the space, the more unique the atmosphere. So, what’s the process of obtaining custom office furniture from Iron Age?  Allow us to tell you. unique office furniture

We Help You Define Your Experience & Atmosphere

One of the great things about Iron Age Office is our experience with designing custom office furniture pieces and custom spaces for over 5 years. Everything is made to order.  When we tackle any new project, no matter the size, we take all matters of experience into account. Whether you’re furnishing a business or home, we make it powerful. We create all of our pieces to be fully functional works of art.

A Team of Designers

Our team of designers has the ability to take the idea for a custom project in your head and bring it to life. First, we discuss with you your needs, wants, and ideas for a custom piece or space. Once the ideas and a sketched-out design hit the paper, our team of designers takes over.  They have the ability to create renderings, in order to help illustrate what your space has the potential to look like. unique office furniture

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When it comes to our clients’ needs and wants, there’s almost nothing we wouldn’t do to ensure 100% satisfaction. From inside our facility to your front door, we are with you every step of the way. If there are ever any problems with an installation or shipment of our product, we work with you to replace or repair all unsatisfactory items. It’s these Iron Age values that make us so reliable and respected with our clients.

We see how satisfied our clients are the second their eyes see their furniture. There’s always a common reaction from our clients when a product gets delivered; “I expected the furniture to be high quality, but I had no idea just how high quality it would be until I saw it with my own eyes.” We are fortunate to work with such amazing clients on a daily basis. At Iron Age Office, we firmly believe that the highest quality offices give birth to the highest quality work. Reach out today and see what we can do for you.


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