Iron Age Office Furniture Delivery Process

IAO Delivery process

Understanding the delivery process of our office furniture is crucial for our clients. Iron Age Office takes great pride in the great lengths we go to, to ensure all office furniture arrives safely. Knowing what to expect after your order is built is a crucial part of the process and can help alleviate any uncertainties and ensure a smooth experience. Trust us, our palletizing process leaves no room for uncertain shipping.

Understanding the Packing Process:

Iron Age Office takes special care throughout the packing process to guarantee absolutely safe delivery of your order. Let us walk you through this process from start to finish, so you can be confident that no matter where you are in the U.S., your order will get to your door in the same condition it left our warehouse. 

Step 1 Your order is complete. The pallet builders have the exact dimensions of your product, whether standard or custom. They cut the wood to build unique pallets specific to these dimensions so that the order is perfectly boxed in, with no wiggle room.

Step 2 All pieces of the build are tightly strapped down, and then boxed in and layered to achieve a multi-level pallet that contains everything you need for assembly. 

Step 3 The complete pallet is wrapped, and the outside screwed together to ensure any bumps in the road are no match for our protective structure.

Step 4 Shipping costs are determined by weight and size of the pallet. Our shipping manager will handle all of the logistics to ensure the delivery of your furniture.

The delivery process for commercial and residential purchases is similar. Both include a curbside drop shipment, arranged by Iron Age Office. This means that items such as desks, tables, or workstations can be easily assembled by the client themselves. This approach allows for flexibility and convenience to set up furniture according to personal preferences. Assembly instructions and required tools are easily accessible on our website at Iron Age Office

Disclaimer: Estimation and Delivery Variations

It’s important to note that the time it takes to receive your order may vary based on its size. To get a more accurate estimation, we recommend speaking with an Iron Age representative who can provide specific details tailored to your purchase.



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