Open Roads Complete RV

Iron Age Office recently had the honor of collaborating with Open Roads Complete RV, a leading RV dealership owned by Tutton Group, to furnish their headquarters in Jasper, GA. The Tutton Group, renowned for its extensive selection of vehicle dealerships, sought to create a welcoming and high-quality environment at Open Roads Complete RV. Our mission was to design and build custom, handcrafted furniture that would reflect the company’s values and provide a functional, stylish workspace.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  1. Custom Service and Reception Desk:
    • The service and reception areas feature expansive, handcrafted desks designed to provide a welcoming and efficient experience for customers. These custom pieces blend durability with elegance, setting the tone for the entire space.
  2. Bistro Tables and Sailer Chairs:
    • The open areas are furnished with bar-height Bistro Tables and Sailer Chairs, creating perfect spots for casual meetings and interactions. These tables add a modern touch while maintaining a cohesive look with the rest of the furniture.
  3. Private Offices:
    • Each private office is outfitted with its very own Knight Desk, floating shelves, and storage units. These pieces are designed to offer both functionality and style, providing employees with a workspace that is both comfortable and efficient.
  4. CEO’s Private Office:
    • The CEO’s office is truly the crown jewel of the project, reminiscent of an office straight out of a magazine. It features a height-adjustable Knight Desk, a cooler credenza with a custom inset sink, a Helvetica shelving unit, and an Edwin Credenza. This combination of furniture pieces not only enhances functionality but also exudes power and sophistication.

The transformation at Open Roads Complete RV is truly remarkable. The space now boasts a wide open, breathable atmosphere that immediately impresses visitors and provides a productive environment for employees. The handcrafted furniture pieces from Iron Age Office not only meet but exceed the aesthetic and functional needs of the dealership.

For more information on our office furniture solutions, contact us directly. Let Iron Age Office help you create a workspace that embodies excellence and distinction.


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