Hoerr Schaudt

Iron Age Office is proud to have collaborated with Hoerr Schaudt, a renowned firm specializing in landscape architecture and design, to create a bespoke set of furniture for their downtown Chicago office. Known for their modern and innovative designs, Hoerr Schaudt required furniture that would complement their creative workspace while offering functionality and style.

Iron Age Office meticulously handcrafted a unique set of workstations tailored to meet these needs. Each workstation features integrated credenza storage units at both ends, providing ample space for organization and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the office. The design reflects a perfect blend of form and function, embodying the sleek, modern vibe of Chicago’s bustling downtown area.

The workstations not only support the dynamic workflow of Hoerr Schaudt’s team but also stand as a testament to Iron Age Office’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design. This project highlights the synergy between landscape architecture and custom furniture design, creating an inspiring environment where creativity can thrive.

We are delighted to have contributed to Hoerr Schaudt’s vision, delivering furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful, perfectly aligned with the modern ethos of their Chicago office.


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