Keys & Walsh Construction

Keys and Walsh Construction reached out to Iron Age Office with the idea of furnishing their construction facility in College Station, Texas. They knew they wanted a powerful, yet clean, office set up that would impress every client that walked in the door. The saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas,” so we wanted to make sure to surpass their unofficial state motto.

Iron Age Office fitted Keys & Walsh Construction with workstations, personal office desks (both fixed and height adjustable), and storage unit. The color scheme of Keys & Walsh Construction’s office space made choosing our natural finish the easy choice. The Natural finish contrasts perfectly with the entire building, making everything very easy on the eyes. Natural light fills the entire facility, showing the individual grains and marks that define an Iron Age Office maple wood top. Their space is filled with all sorts of wild animals, giving off a powerful vibe that is supported by the strong furniture surrounding the office space.

We loved getting the opportunity to work with Keys and Walsh Construction, and we’d love to get to know and work with your business too!  At Iron Age Office, we firmly believe that the highest quality offices give birth to the highest quality work. Reach out today and see what we can do for you.

Finish Option: Natural


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