At Iron Age Office, we pride ourselves on the eclecticism of our product selection.  Want a desk?  We’ve got you covered.  Table?  Of course.  How about some storage?  Without a doubt.  It’s always exciting for us to work with a client that allows us to stretch our creative muscles.  iNovex was exactly that client.

It’s not everyday that we’re able to provide tables, desks and storage for one single client.  Our Edwin Credenza will ensure that all belongings and possessions will be kept securely in a distinctly Iron Age Office style, while our Carruca L-Shape Desks will afford each iNovex employee a powerful surface on which to create their next great idea.  We even had the opportunity to create a standing height Carruca Single Desk, something rarely requested.  Our Glenn Conference Table and Dover Round Table helped to complete a full suite of Iron Age products for iNovex, all stained with our stunning Decker Grey.  Clients like this keep us passionate for our craft.

“iNovex is a place of creation and innovation, specializing in full spectrum solutions development to solve a customer’s toughest problems. From Full-Stack Software Development to Data Analytics and Modeling, iNovex builds comprehensive technical government and commercial solutions. Their powerful office space is created around what they do, and at the heart includes a purpose-built research lab and open, creative workspaces designed for immersive learning and rapid prototyping.

Finish Option: Ebony


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