Hendricks Commercial Real Estate (Iron Works)

One of our top priorities is to make sure our product best represents the client’s brand. Henricksen teamed up with Iron Age Office to create a powerful workspace for their client, ‘Hendricks Commercial Real Estate’.

Henricksen is a full-service contract dealership. From product design specifications and standards program development to installation and national account services, the Henricksen team will help you to procure and install the right products to fit your needs. Once Henricksen saw the space at Iron Works HQ, they knew that IAO would be the perfect manufacturer to fill their space. 

Iron Works embodies an industrial-modern brand that specializes in boutique hotel rooms and high-end apartments. With their client’s tastes being of a more modern standard, it only made sense to deck out their headquarters with handcrafted, industrial furniture from Iron Age Office. 

Henricksen and Iron Age Office helped transform this workspace into an industrial wonderland with handcrafted workstations, tables, storage units, and height-adjustable desks (as seen above).

It was truly a pleasure to work with Henricksen to bring their vision to life.


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