Harry Daniel Insurance

Celebrating another successful venture, Iron Age Office proudly presents its latest project – the transformation of Harry Daniel Insurance’s office space. With a wealth of experience in furnishing insurance companies nationwide, this project was a familiar yet exciting endeavor for Iron Age Office.

Situated within the historic walls of a repurposed Cola bottling facility from the 1920’s, the Harry Daniel Insurance office underwent a full transformation. The decision to dismantle interior walls and unveil the original brickwork provided a captivating backdrop, setting the stage for the integration of Iron Age Office’s industrial office furniture.

Our craftsmen meticulously curated a collection tailored to this unique space, ensuring each piece harmonized with the exposed brick, creating a visually striking and functional environment. The contrast of the weathered brick against the sleek lines of our furniture captures the essence of Iron Age Office’s commitment to blending heritage with contemporary design.

This project not only showcases our proficiency in creating industrial furniture but also reflects our dedication to enhancing workspaces with a touch of timeless craftsmanship. Iron Age Office is honored to contribute to the narrative of Harry Daniels Insurance, adding another chapter to our legacy of transforming spaces across the USA.


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