Cardinal Glass CG

In the dynamic world of business, the importance of a well-designed and functional office space cannot be overstated. Recently, Cardinal Glass CG, a leading player in the residential glass industry, partnered with Iron Age Office to furnish its new office space. The result is a stunning blend of industrial aesthetics and sophisticated functionality that mirrors the innovative spirit of both companies.

Enter Iron Age Office, known for our expertise in crafting furniture that seamlessly blends industrial aesthetics with modern functionality. Specializing in creating unique, handcrafted office furniture, Iron Age Office shares a parallel commitment to innovation and quality with Cardinal Glass CG. We aimed to create a workspace that not only reflects the industry leadership of Cardinal Glass but also inspires creativity and productivity among its employees. Iron Age Office brought its signature industrial-sophisticated style to the project, resulting in a space that seamlessly integrates modern design with the rugged charm of industrial elements.

The collaboration between Cardinal Glass CG and Iron Age Office exemplifies the successful fusion of innovation and design. The new office space not only reflects the cutting-edge products developed by Cardinal Glass but also provides a functional and inspiring environment for its employees. This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between industry leaders to create workspaces that transcend the ordinary and embody the values of creativity, innovation, and excellence.


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