Why an Open Concept Office Works

There is a battle in the office design world when it comes to open concept office. You have seen all the reasons it can’t work. But, what about all the reasons it can? Here are some benefits of an open concept office

An Open Office Can Help Foster Collaboration

Ever heard two heads are better than one? That is true in a workplace environment. When you can openly talk, and problem solve without having to feel like you are disrupting the work environment it makes it a lot easier. It means less emails to wade through. Imagine being able to talk through a project, instead of numerous emails to keep up with. That is a win-win for everyone on your team.

No Doors, No Problem

We all know that scary moment you are about to knock on your boss’s door, scared they may be busy or not even in their office. Well if there are no doors to knock on you can take that problem away. You will know if they are on a phone call or out to lunch. Imagine that!

You CAN Have Privacy

Does an open concept scare you, because of the thought of no privacy? Well, when it comes to our workstations we provide privacy screens. You get the buffer, while still being able to see your co-worker; because of the perforated metal screen divider. Ever heard of the “library effect?” It is the idea of being aware of your environment and who is around you. When you are in a cubicle farm you can’t see your co-worker. When you can see the person next to you, it makes it a lot easier to be able to control how loud, or soft you may need to speak based off what they may be doing. If you have worked in a cubicle, you know how it feels to have your co-worker speak over you without even realizing it. So now you get the best of both worlds.

Here at Iron Age Office we believe the workstation and open concept office is evolving. It’s no longer just what the tech start-ups are doing. We see it in law offices, marketing agencies and other work places you wouldn’t expect. Don’t be afraid of the open office concept, instead embrace what it can do for your employees and work environment.


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