Office Storage Solutions

As humans, we love our “stuff”.  We just can’t have enough of it.  Because of this, there’s always one thing we’re running out of: storage.  Without proper storage, your home or office can easily become a cluttered mess. Sure, you can cram all your precious belongings into spare drawers, but that’s never neat or convenient.  What if there were another way? Well, we’re here to tell you there is! office storage solutions

IAO Storage Units (FULLY MOBILE)

At Iron Age Office, we take storage more seriously than most.  Not only are our credenzas spacious, but most of them are also entirely mobile.  We build each and every credenza to your ideal specs, with wheels, so that your storage experience can be as efficient and flexible as possible. office storage solutions

Every Credenza we craft receives the same level of care and attention that the rest of our products do.  Each one is complete with a 1.75” wood top and is composed of our natural, raw carbon steel.  The most important thing to establish about our Credenzas is that they’re entirely handmade.  This means that while we offer standard sizes, we have the ability to go fully custom.  Check out some of our custom storage pieces here! office storage solutions

While Iron Age Office was born from a single desk, we’ve grown to become capable of crafting any of your office needs.  Whether you’re looking for tables, workstations, or even storage units, IAO has you covered.  Reach out today and see what we can do for you.


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