What is Resimercial and 5 reasons why it will take over by 2020

Want happy, productive, creative employees? The solution, a workplace that is aesthetically pleasing and feels like home. This concept has made room for a design style referred to as resimercial. This style combines a professional, modern and attractive workplace with the comfort and feel of home. How is this look achieved? The office furniture should be multifunctional, comfortable and easy on the eye. It needs to allow for collaboration and creativity as well as for quiet “head-down” thinking. A mix of hard and soft lines, sit-to-stand desks, blended unconventional materials like carbon steel and butcher block wood and of course the layout contribute to what is known as resimercial. 

Now that you have a better understanding of what resimercial is, here are 5 reasons it will take over by 2020.

1. You’ll have productive, long-term employees

Studies show that 20 percent of employees would be willing to make less money to work in a nicer office and 23 percent would actually consider leaving their job if their workplace was outdated. That being said, investing in your workplace can produce better and more engaged employees with higher retention rates. There must be a reason companies like Google, Yelp, Microsoft and Uber are investing in resimercial design.

2. You’ll make more money

Aside from creating an environment that is more conducive for productivity and efficiency, any (potential and active) clients or customers will consciously and subconsciously believe that your company is professional and trustworthy when they walk through your door. They are absolutely going to be judging a book by its cover when it involves spending money. They should be made to feel both relaxed and wooed when they enter your space and the resimercial design will nail that. In turn, you will naturally see an increase of revenue.

3. Shaping the company’s culture

With a multi-generational workforce and a growing number of Millennials and Gen Z’s getting into the workforce employers realize they have to evolve. Many companies have moved away from working environments that highlight hierarchy and status and have shifted towards creating an in-office culture that conveys equality. By removing walls and adding multiuse workstations you inherently are creating a mindset that everyone matters, therefore employees feel more inclined to go above and beyond their duties, and they are happier.

4. Better health for all

Do you know that one in six workers experience common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety? While the office does not contribute to 100% of the issue, it definitely can be held accountable for a fair share. Creating an atmosphere where there is some room for reasonable social ability can combat loneliness. Modernization helps create relatability and reflects employee’s personalities. Quality chairs and desks promote better posture which increase mood, self-esteem and self-image.

5. It’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle

Unlike wicker couches and waterbeds, resimercial furniture is far from a fad. Employee mentalities have changed and so has the way we work. The days of florescent lighting and bland cubicles is a thing of the past and any business that wants to hire quality employees need to create a space where people look forward to going to work every day. Unfortunately, a paycheck alone isn’t enough motivation to entice the younger generations, however, upgrading the office isn’t just for them, and it really sets the mood of the company as a whole. So what does your current setup say about your business?

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