The Collaborative Workstation: The IA Flex

One day, as far away as it may seem, the millions of people who are currently working from home in an effort to self-quarantine will return to work.  Things will get back to normal.  The question is: what does normal look like?  Will everyone return to living as they were, or will we see changes?  At Iron Age Office, we’re adapting to what will be the new normal.  We’re planning for the future, now. collaborative workstation

Today, we’re introducing the brand-new IA Flex Workstation.  Perfect for offices in which social distancing will be a priority moving forward, this workstation offers a variety of dimensions.  These screens provide optimal privacy and protection for each individual working in the office.  Additionally, the screens are composed of sheet metal, making them extremely easy to sanitize.

Beyond being the ideal solution for maintaining social distance in the workplace, the IA Flex Workstation is also our most customizable and collaborative workstation offering to date. The IA Flex Workstation is completely module, allowing you to configure the perfect workspace.  No matter how many employees you need to accommodate for, or how far apart you want them to be spaced, the IA Flex Workstation can be tailor made to fit your needs.  Iron Age is already obsessed with meeting the specific needs of each and every one of our clients, so the customization afforded by this new piece feels right at home. collaborative workstation

IAO will continue to evaluate our library of products and adapt them for this new world we’re all living in.  Flexibility for the client remains a top priority for our company, second only to safety.  The IA Flex Workstation delivers both in spades.


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