The Importance of Office Space for Motivation, Productivity and Health

Whether you work in an open-plan office, have your own private hideaway or complete assignments from the comfort of home, you need a cozy workspace. Not only does creating an agreeable office make it easier to focus on the job, but it also helps you check off more tasks on your to-do lists and increases your overall happiness levels. Keep reading to discover how cultivating a clean, well-organized office space is the key to maximizing your motivation, optimizing your productivity and improving your health.

Little Ways to Improve Your Office Space

You visit your office space every day during the week. You spend a lot of time there, so make it meaningful. If you’re worried about upgrades, you can relax—you don’t have to do too much to create the workspace of your dreams. Here are several easy changes you can make to enhance your current office.

Add a Plant

Plants not only add touches of color to a desk but also purify the air and cleanse the area of toxins. You can get any plant you want, but succulents are the most low-maintenance and the easiest to keep alive, even for those with no green thumb to speak of. Put a snake plant or aloe vera somewhere in your workspace and enjoy the touch of greenery. Try to stay away from flowering plants, however, as they could irritate your coworkers’ allergies or attract pollinating insects such as bees.

Hide Your Gadgets

If possible, hide any digital devices you don’t use during the day. Studies show that keeping a cell phone within sight makes it easier to get distracted and derails your productivity. In fact, most employees spend an average of 5 hours per day goofing off on their cell phones—instead of completing their work. Put the kibosh on temptation by stashing your phone, personal laptop, Kindle or other non-work devices out of sight in a drawer.

Personalize Your Space

Within reason, personalizing your space can do wonders for your motivation. Adding framed photos of loved ones, vacation souvenirs or encouraging notes makes your office feel more like home. If you share an office, you can only do so much. Consult your manager or employee handbook to see how much personalization your company allows.

Upgrade Your Office Furniture

If you have maximum control of your space, consider upgrading your office furniture. Put in a new desk, roll up a fancy office chair or invest in a storage or filing cabinet. Most office furniture is dull, but yours doesn’t have to be. At Iron Age Office, we create high-quality custom wood furniture to spruce up your workspace. If you want to change up your office, check out some out our products.

With maximizing your office’s appeal, you don’t have to do much to make it feel like home. Give these tips a try, and browse through our blog for more inspiration. If you have questions, reach out via our contact form. We can’t wait to help you customize the office of your dreams.



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