The Importance of Office Communication and How to Facilitate It

Communication is an essential part to every business. Communication is how team members build relationships, create strategies, and overcome any challenges on the job. Businesses that have strong communication are proven to be more productive and overall successful. If your business is lacking communication here are some ways you can help your office to improve.

Rearrange Your Office Space 

Cubicles are very common in offices. They are efficient because they conserve space, allowing you to fit many desks and furniture in the office. What many businesses don’t know is there are different types of workspace’s that are similar to cubicles. For example, Iron Age’s Carruca Sack WorkStation was built on the concept of a cubicle but creates a better, closer space for communication. This workstation includes a privacy screen made of sheet medal. The legs are built with perforated sheet metal to create a bold look. In addition to the many advantages of this workstation, employees and office visitors will be blown away by the innovative furniture.

If privacy isn’t a necessity for your company and you are looking to improve communication and interaction in your office this Carruca L-Shape Workstation is sure to do its job. This workstation allows employees to spread out and work efficiently but also gives employees enough room. This desk can be used for 2, 4, or 6+ employees. If you expect your business to grow, this piece is worth every penny and can be adjusted as your team grows.

Create a Communication Friendly Environment 

If the majority of the team keeps to themselves, its time to switch it up a bit. Set the example and leave it to yourself to create a friendly office environment. Begin with saying good morning each day to your employees, create small talk (like asking how their day is going or how their weekend was.)

A way to improve communication in an office is to encourage social interaction. Utilize work breaks to come together as a team. Many businesses go out to lunch on Friday or have a happy hour during the last hour on the last day of the week. Interaction is a great way to build a relationship with colleagues.

Hold Weekly Meetings 

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip, except it relates to work. If your office doesn’t do this already, begin to host weekly meetings. It is important to encourage everyone to engage in conversation so if your team is small enough (or if you have to break these meetings down into teams) go around the room and have each employee answer a simple question such as what was something you learned this week? Or what challenges have you faced? This will give other employees an idea of what is going on with you and they may be experiencing the same challenges. Meetings are a great way to learn from one another.

Communication is a key skill in every business. The office is where most people spend their time when they are not at home, it is important to invest time and money into office design to create a comfortable environment. To learn more on how you can improve your office design, contact Iron Age Office.


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