The IAO Difference

If you are familiar with our journey, you know that Iron Age Office started because Sean hated the idea of flimsy, cheaply made office furniture. We have made it our mission to give clients furniture that lasts. This became apparent when Dana Kerigan reached out about her Carruca L-shape desk being the only piece of furniture in her Florida office to be salvaged after Hurricane Michael. 


Yes,you read that correctly our desk went through a hurricane with only a bit of cosmetic damage. Kerigan Marketing Associates had 6 ½ feet of water in their offices right after the storm. This is why we believe in craftsmanship. Everything that comes out of our workshop has been painstakingly crafted. It’s about giving customers furniture that lasts for years to comes, not just the next office move. 


We don’t choose our solid maple tops JUST because they look good. This is also true with every other raw material that we use to make our products. They are built to last. We have created something different at IAO. We have always joked that our desks are hurricane proof. We just didn’t know that would actually come to fruition. 


We are so glad that everyone is safe at Kerigan Marketing Associates. We know after a hurricane the last thing most people are worried about is an office desk. We are just glad our desk could give a glimpse of hope. That something as simple as a well-made desk can help things go back to normal, after something as traumatic as a hurricane. 


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