The Ultimate Buying Guide to a Functional Desk

Whether it be a single desk for yourself or outfitting your entire business, this investment will be one that someone is likely going to be spending up to a third of their life using. With that in mind, we recommend careful thought to the design and function of each piece for your space. We have provided some strong examples from the IAO catalog so watch for hyperlinks along the way.


Before you can address the fun details such as design, you must first define the purpose of your desks. When doing this, think long-term as your company grows, and people change positions. What features are required? What may not be a necessity now may become one in the future, so look forward as you list the details you must have. Keeping desks as versatile as possible will reduce or eliminate the need for any special orders and exceptions down the line. functional desk


Is storage necessary in most workspaces, such as drawers, for instance? Shallow drawers will hold office supplies and current papers. Deeper drawers may hold files and larger objects. Where might a purse or workout, or laptop bag be stored? If you don’t care for the aesthetic of personal items sitting around, then a place to store them is vital. Some people need more storage than a desk can hold, so a coordinating credenza might be a requirement to accompany their desk.


How much space will each occupant require in their workspace? A call center associate may only need a small desk. However, someone working multiple projects would appreciate a more extensive, L or U-shaped design to spread out their work. Now is also the time to consider grouping employee teams together to collaborate and share information effortlessly. These configurations may find the Stack or Cube design to be the better fit and adjust the wall height accordingly to maximize either collaboration or privacy.


This functionality detail is in considering the ergonomics of the desk to compliment the employee activities. If an employee is often working with customers, having a desk that can be used in a standing position may be beneficial. Some people these days like to change from sitting to standing positions to reduce fatigue and maximize productivity. An option of versatility in desks minimizes the need for special purchases down the line as employees move around the office to different workspaces over time.


Once you have your requirements defined, it is now time to think of the aesthetic you wish to create. Will some desks be important at creating an impression for guests? Make those pieces bold, like IAO reception desks, to make a distinctive statement as soon as a guest walks into the area. If privacy is a necessity, keep those details in mind for your selection, such as the IAO Knight line.

Consider a design that will inspire your employees and encourage productivity and creativity. If your business requires different functionality, can you coordinate the design of those different pieces? Also look at the workmanship, since this is a significant investment. You want the design to not only stand the test of time in craftsmanship, but it should be able to fit into any new aesthetics introduced into the environment going forward. functional desk

At Iron Age Office, we understand the importance of your office space, and we are passionate about helping you achieve the look you’re searching for with the functionality you require. To learn more about Iron Age and the work we can do for your office, contact us or visit our website for more information. functional desk



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