The Carruca: The Steel Desk That Started It All

A lot of people know the story of how Iron Age Office started but in case you don’t, learn about our story here. When thinking about how a furniture business begins, usually a single desk design doesn’t come to mind. However, the creation of The Carruca led to the inspiration and branding direction that is Iron Age Office. steel desk

Iron Age Office CEO, Sean Dineen, grew up in Manchester, England, where he received a B.A. Honors Degree in Graphic Design from Sheffield University. It was soon after that Sean moved to America, where he met Michael Stephens, owner of Southern Machine and Fabrication Company. With Sean’s English background and sense of design, and Michael’s resource of metal fabrication, collaboration was bound to take place. It was here that the idea for the Carruca was born.

The Carruca is an extremely modern steel desk, with a touch of “medieval” to it. Bold, beautiful, and powerful are all words that define not just The Carruca, but also Iron Age Office as well. Being as trendy as The Carruca is, sales came on quick and heavy. So much so that Iron Age Office had to expand, and fast. With that fast expansion, the Carruca became one of the most trendy desks available on the market. steel desk

The original intention was to simply sell The Carruca as a powerful desk for individuals, but before long, the “types” of clients grew too. Medium to larger sized companies began to want their entire office furnished by Iron Age as well, resulting in sales other than just individuals. Iron Age Office certainly didn’t just stop with the Carruca. The Carruca was the stepping stone. Iron Age Office now outfits powerful commercial workspaces across the U.S and Canada. Click here to see a few.

If you find yourself interested in The Carruca, or any of our products, please reach out to us at (770) 502-5877. We find purpose in our craft, striving to meet all of our customers needs and requests. See what Iron Age Office can do for you!


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