Storage Solutions

Having enough storage space in your office is a huge concern for most people. Today we may predominately work on computers but there are still handouts, notes, books, supplies, ect. Making sure you have enough storage space that will work in your office is important. Here are a few of our products that make storage space easy no matter what size office you may have!


IAO F/F or B/B/F


These rolling filing cabinets are the perfect size to fit under any desk at just 25 inches. Our IAO F/F is perfect for anyone who does a lot of filing. These are able to hold a substantial amount of lateral filing folders. We all know that finding important documents is important the IAO F/F can help with that. Our IAO B/B/F is perfect for that employee that has a lot of little miscellaneous items that are still important for business. The two drawer “boxes” are able to hold business cards, paper clips, and all those other supplies that you don’t want taking up space on your desk. Along with tons of other items. The B/B/F also comes with a filing drawer, so you are still able to sort and find documents easily. Both the F/F and B/B/F have a locking function that is needed when it comes to the workplace. They may be small, but these filing cabinets are the perfect way to store just about anything needed on a day to day basis. 


Edwin Credenza


The Edwin Credenza is our most popular storage cabinet. It exudes style while still keeping the privacy you may need. The even better part is that you are able to customize the storage unit to what you may need. Just needing it to store books and magazines? The Edwin Credenza Pt.I is perfect with its inside shelving. The Edwin Credenza Pt.II is the perfect mixture of storage space and filing space. Clients are able to customize this option to either include the f/f drawers or b/b/F drawers. These means even more filing and storage space.  The Edwin Credenza is the perfect solution for any office wanting to have a stylish look, while also looking for more storage. 


Helvetica Shelving Units 


Our Helvetica Shelving Unit is a perfect way to bring a personal touch into the office. Our clients store their awards, family photos, personal items and more on the shelving units. They also get the best of both words with being able to choose between a wall-mounted or standing shelving unit. The Helvetica shelving units are a simple solution for items that you know what to be seen, but just don’t have room for on your desk. 


When thinking about your office layout is important to think about storage space. Here are Iron Age Office we have many solutions for you to choose from.  


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