See What Iron Age Clients Say About Their Furniture

Over the years we’ve been given lots of feedback, but the most common thing that we hear is how our furniture makes our clients feel while they’re working. It’s always fun to hear a client’s excitement when their furniture first arrives, but it’s important to us when we hear about how much they love their furniture after several years of use. We were thrilled to hear that the passion, motivation, and drive, inspired by our office furniture is stronger than ever. Our clients are always telling us about the non stop compliments they recieve.

One client wrote, “If you want a desk in your office that when people who walk into your office say: “Cool desk,” this is the place to go for it…”

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Another wrote, “Hands down….coolest office furniture ever!  Exceeded all of my expectations in style and quality. The owner is great to work with and went above and beyond to accommodate my special requests.”

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These were the emotions and feelings we wanted our clients to feel when using IAO furniture. We focus on design in a way that supports those senses. In other words, you’ll love your furniture more and more the longer you own it! There’s a deeper meaning to the use of raw materials, and we take pride in it. Crafting with raw materials isn’t all about strength and stability, it’s also about the image. There are very few designers that can say they ONLY craft with raw materials. When something raw and unfinished is crafted, it becomes more than just a product, it becomes a work of art. As we all know, art isn’t typically something we use, but instead look at. However, with Iron Age Office products, the art is physically used for a lifetime.

It’s this kind of feedback that fuels Iron Age Office’s ability to create office furniture that excites. If you’d like to leave us a positive review, click here! We are fortunate to work with such amazing clients on a daily basis. At Iron Age Office, we firmly believe that the highest quality offices give birth to the highest quality work. Reach out today and see what we can do for you.


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