Resimercial Design.. Make work feel more like home

As the workforce changes so do the design elements of a good office. Today, more and more employees are staying later and working harder. This means that they want their office to feel more like a “home” than a place they dread coming to. This is why Resimercial design is here to stay. 


You may be asking yourself what resimercial design is? It is the idea of a commercial workspace bringing in the warm feeling of a home or residence. It is all about making employees and future clients comfortable. Out are the days of cold, hard chairs and no decorative elements in the office. In are places employees can relax and feel more at home. 



Here are a few reasons why our products work to help any office take on a resimercial feel. 


Combination of wood & steel 


An office is a place to feel powerful, while a home is a place to feel warm and cozy. Here at Iron Age Office you get the best of both worlds. Our steel legs combined with wood tops are the perfect way for employees to feel comfortable yet powerful. The rich stains that we use also make for a more homey feel. Gone are the days of white walls and white desks. Our stains are able to make furniture feel more rich and warm. Offices were never meant to feel cold. The combination of steel and wood make for power and richness. That is the way any employee would want to feel in the thick of a long work day. 


Bold Looks 

Dull and boring is no longer a part of the vocabulary in offices anymore. People want bold looks just like the accent walls in their home. Office furniture doesn’t need to be flimsy and drab. Instead go for statement pieces! Things that get clients and employees talking. At IAO we have many pieces that speak to the boldness every office is looking for. One of our biggest statement pieces is our Dover Conference Table legs. These legs make a statement. So, should any office. Pieces that are different and unique make for a feel of home. Everyone has their favorite statement piece in their house. Make sure you have one in your office. 


Simple Concepts 

Office décor doesn’t have to complicated and complex. Every home as a few knick-knacks but those speak to the character of that person. Every office wants their furniture speaks to who they our and their brand. No need for chunky and cluttered offices. Make sure there is ample room for employees to enjoy their time instead of feeling like they are boxed in. Just like when they are watching tv at home on a comfy couch they can spread out on. You want simple concepts that make your employees able to free think instead of being distracted. Our Fortis line is a perfect combination of simple concepts that make for powerful results. Home is a place to think and decompress. An office should be just the same. 


Resimercial design is no longer just a silly thought. More and more offices are bringing in those aspects of home that make people feel empowered yet cozy. Iron Age Office can help. Our combination of warm and powerful furniture is a great solution. Every office should be full of bold thinkers and furniture. Don’t let the word simple scare you away. Simplicity is key in the home when it comes to spaces that allow you to think. The office isn’t any different. Resimercial design should engage the whole body of a person, not just their mind. Just like at home. So ,take a few tips of us and add to the “whole body” of your work space. Contact custom@ironageoffice.comto get started. 


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