A Kitchen Renovation

You may have seen our blog post on “A Guide to an Industrial Style Home”. We briefly covered some of the products that can be utilized for your dream kitchen, but we knew it wasn’t enough. Let’s dive in a little deeper to all of the possibilities for a kitchen design or renovation with Iron Age Office. kitchen furniture

In modern houses, it is super common to have the kitchen open right up into the everyday dining room. With open floor plans becoming more and more popular, it is crucial to have a cohesive style in order to impress your friends and family. 


Our furniture is all 100% handmade and customizable, making it so our products can be used for an alternative project. Imagine 1.75” butcher block wooden countertops in your kitchen. Completely spill and stain resistant, built to last a lifetime, and such an innovative alternative to granite countertops. If that’s not your calling, then we have our credenzas with ample storage that you can put your own top on, taking the ‘industrial kitchen’ to a whole new level. 

We also offer the IA Mobile Island for kitchen spaces. This island has the same wooden top, meaning it too is spill and stain resistant. Two drawers let you hide your utensils or culinary tools, while there’s still open storage space underneath. Those larger gadgets that you’re unsure of where to put now have a home. Should you put that cute but bulky mixer on the counter or in the pantry? Neither, it can be displayed yet tucked away underneath your kitchen island! Made from genuine carbon steel, this lower shelf can hold anything without compromising structural integrity. Now for the best part. The IA Mobile Island is mobile, shocking. Casters allow for easy movement when you’re trying to sweep and mop, or when you need more space when there’s extra hands in the kitchen. 


Now that your kitchen is decked out, your dining room needs a little sprucing. With either our Glenn or Abbey table, combined with our Rowan benches, you can host plenty of people and your dining room will be ingrained in their head for years to come. This look is quickly on the rise. Many people want the communal dining experience, but very few have it in their own homes. Our furniture can create a communal experience that is much more powerful than sitting at a round table. It will leave your guests thinking “That dining room has to be expensive”, “They really know how to host”, and “I hope they throw another dinner party soon!”.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to sales@ironageoffice.com kitchen furniture


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