Quality Office Furniture That Will Stand The Test of Time

When purchasing furniture, there are many important questions to ask. What does it look like? How much does it cost? What is it made of? There’s one question that tends to fly under the radar: How long will it last? This question is perhaps the most relevant. It’s easy to assume that because something looks nice, it must be high quality; however, we all know from experience that this isn’t always the case. Iron Age Office guarantees the highest quality office furniture, and we want to explain our promise that IAO furniture is built to last a lifetime.

The reason is simple: we don’t take shortcuts. Most furniture manufactures use flimsy materials in order to produce their products as cheaply and efficiently as possible. While this saves you a few bucks in the short term, you’ll end up paying more later when you have to buy a replacement, because your desk’s laminate is fading, or veneer is peeling.

IAO refuses to prioritize anything above quality. IAO furniture is hand crafted with steel and maple wood. These materials are historically known for standing the test of time. Steel has been used for decades to build some of the world’s tallest skyscraper towers and maple wood is widely used as bowling alley floors due to its core integrity and strength. One of our Carruca desks literally survived a category 5 hurricane with only minor cosmetic damage. Yes, we use these particular materials because they have such a great look, but also because we know that they’re going to last. quality office furniturequality office furniture

Our furniture isn’t cheap; however, it’s important to note that when buying Iron Age products, you’re making an investment. You’re investing in something that’s going to last for years and maintain its value. These are products that can be handed down from generation to generation. These are products that are literally hand built by skilled craftsmen right in our Georgia based workshop. These are products that, simply put, are going to stand the test of time. Reach out today and see what we can do for you.


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