Stain Color and Modern Furniture

Furniture possesses the unique ability to define the room it inhabits.  It can turn a pedestrian office into an unforgettable birthplace of stellar work.  Without a doubt, one of the most defining visual elements of a piece of furniture is its color.  Color communicates so much, and has a significant impact on the mood of the room it’s in.  With such high stakes, how are you supposed to figure out which color is best for you?  We’re here to provide some pointers. modern furniture

Here’s the most important tip to remember: pay attention to your surroundings.  What looks great in one room may look entirely out of place in another.  Take specific note of your wall, ceiling, and floor colors, as they all contribute massively to the atmosphere of the room.  Additionally, take a look at the other furniture that’s already in the space.  It’s very important to ensure that all the pieces in the room agree with one another from an aesthetic perspective.  The colors of your walls and furniture are fixed, but the lighting of the room is more dynamic.  The space can look very different at 7 pm than it did at 7 am.  Because of this, it may be worthwhile to examine your room at different times of day in order to make a more educated color decision.

Speaking of colors, we wanted also wanted to take some time to highlight the Eight stain options that Iron Age Office offers.  If you’re interested in a brown tone, we’ve got you thoroughly covered.  Cappuccino, Provincial, Medium Walnut and Chestnut are all different interpretations of “brown”, with each one still managing to bring something different to the table.  If you’re looking for a lighter option, our White Wash option is exactly what you’re looking for.  In the mood for a darker look?  Our Ebony has you covered.  We even offer Decker Grey for a middle ground between the two ends of the color spectrum.  Finally, if you’d prefer a look that’s more “untouched”, our Natural finish doesn’t apply any color to the organic color of the wood. modern furniture

No matter what look you’re hoping to achieve, or what your room looks like, we believe that we can provide the perfect piece to compliment everything that surrounds it.  Reach out today and see what Iron Age Office can do for you. 


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