New Product: A Look at the Knight Reception Desk

At Iron Age Office, we work to craft unique office environments for our customers. Having a nice office space helps to boost productivity, impress office guests, enforce organization and overall allows employees to be proud of their work and office space. Iron Age Office is dedicated to creating office furniture that will have you looking forward to going into your workspace every day. We are excited to announce the launch of our new product, the Knight Reception Desk.

The Inspiration

This desk is as powerful as its name. Looking to create a bold statement for those that walk into your office? That is exactly what this new Knight reception desk does. We were inspired by the ‘knight and armor’ look. As you raise or lower the desk, the perforated screen emerges from the sheet metal, which will give you the knight and armor look. This desk is bold and makes a statement, but is also simple and sophisticated. It is a great addition to any reception area and a centerpiece look for any industrial office feel.

Built to Last

Curious about the quality and durability? Let’s just say, this desk (and all of our products) are built to last. This desk can hold up to 400 pounds, so it won’t be harmed by all the piles of boxes and other stuff that sometimes gets piled onto reception desks. The sit/stand component of the desk comes with a 10 year warranty so in the rare event something does go wrong, you are covered!

This reception desk is similar to our best-selling product, the Carruca desk, but it is also quite different. The Knight Reception Desk offers additional privacy with a solid look and feel. Both are excellent desks, however depending on the look you are going for and the amount of privacy you need, this new reception desk might be best for you.

The Knight Reception Desk is sleek and clean cut. While there is plenty of room for storage, especially with the privacy feature, if you find your reception area needing even more space, we recommend our Edwin Credenza. This piece is designed to give you the extra storage and filing space that you need.

Your reception area is the chance for your office to make a statement and a long lasting impression on your guests, which is exactly what the Knight Reception Desk does. Whether you are looking to enhance an old reception area, or opening a new office, this desk is a piece your office can’t live without. For more information about the product, custom stains and other options, visit our website and let us help you create your dream workspace today.


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