Most Common Problems with Office Space and How to Fix Them

Whether you work from an office in your home or share an office space with others, there are many problems one encounters from the setting they are in. Most of these problems can be easily resolved simply by a little reorganization and investing in good products for your office space. An office is where most employees spend their time and it is important to have a comfortable environment to ensure productivity. Here are some of the most reported issues and simple resolutions. 


1.)   Organization

If you’re like most people, you know how easily your office space can become a disaster. One minute your office is clean and next thing you know there’s papers, folders, and whatever else scattered all over your desk. An easy fix to this problem is making sure you have the correct organization system in place. Having a good piece of storage furniture gives you the ability to place things where they belong. 


2.)   Distractions

Between a noisy office, social media and smartphones, it seems almost impossible to focus at work nowadays. We suggest a few solutions to avoid the temptation from your phone.


If you work in an office with other people, it is likely it can get a little noisy throughout the day. If you haven’t tried using headphones, they are a great way to block out the unnecessary noise. If music distracts you at work, still try wearing your headphones. Not only do they filter some noise out, but others are less likely to interrupt you if they see you have headphones on. 


Smartphones are now the number one reported distraction in the workplace. With the amount of text notifications, emails, social media notifications and any other app you may have, these phones light up and naturally we are curious to see what the notification is.  Sideline is a new app that allows you to set an autoreply to any text message that comes through. It functions like an out of office automatic reply and you can personalize the message however you prefer. By doing this you can let others know you are busy instead of taking the time to respond to each text. Also set aside designated time to catch up on your phone throughout your day. This will help you to be more productive, instead of checking your phone every few minutes. 


3.)   Lack of Equipment

In order for an employee to be productive in their workspace, they need to be comfortable. To be comfortable, you must have the necessary equipment. 


Having these double monitors is a game changer in the office. It allows you to view much more on a screen instead of taking the time to switch back and forth between screens while working on a project. With these in place, you are much more likely to get more done at a faster pace. 

Going back to the topic of organization, making sure you have the right furniture in place is important to avoid things being tossed everywhere around your office. View our storage options on our website to see which pieces would fit best in your office space. 


Your office space is just as important as your home and we want to help you make your office a place you enjoy working. There are lots of issues encountered in an office space but fortunately, they are all an easy fix. Visit our website for more inspiration on how you could improve your office. 


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