Metalwork Furniture and Sustainability

The modern era has brought many challenges to humankind.  There are too many to name, but if there’s one universal issue that applies to everyone, it’s the mission of looking out for our environment.  Planet Earth is the host to all of us, and if we want life to continue as we enjoy it now, we must make sure that we treat our home as it deserves to be treated through sustainable practices.  In this blog, we wanted to outline a few ways in which IAO has Mother Nature at the top of our mind. metalwork furniture

As we hope you all know, the tops of our products are made of solid maple.  We don’t believe in using cheaper materials like laminate.  With that being said, we’re aware of the fact that wood isn’t free.  This is one reason that we use maple wood, which can be sourced from several different trees in the maple family. In other words, it’s available in much larger quantities.  This means that as trees are harvested, new growth can quickly begin in its place.  Additionally, our wood supplier selects individual trees for harvest, encouraging forests to renew and regenerate themselves naturally and prolifically. We’re also incredibly happy to partner Trees Atlanta by offering a quarterly donation to the organization.  Trees Atlanta works tirelessly to protect foster environmental growth throughout the city of Atlanta.

We take pride when it comes to our metal. Iron Age carbon steel comes from a manufacturer who uses electric arc furnaces, which consume recycled metal, meaning our metal is not only recycled, but also of the highest quality. One thing we love about steel is that you can melt it down and repurpose it as many times as you want, it will never lose its quality and strength. Hinted in our title, Iron Age Office offers exceptional metalwork furniture.

When you purchase an Iron Age Office product, you’re not only purchasing something that will last a lifetime, but you’re purchasing something that is sustainable, raw, and eco-friendly. Reach out today to or visit our contact page. 


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