Introducing The Abbey Conference Table

Iron Age Office has done it again at the design table with The Abbey conference table. This sleek design brings diversity and balance to any resimercial workspace in the home or office. With the smooth and strong impression of this design, it is sure to be a complimentary favorite for many uses.

Let’s hear the specs – conference room

The Abbey, like our other tables, are made to complement our client needs and distinct designs, especially with other Iron Age Office pieces. The tabletop is crafted from 1.75 inches of solid maple with a selection of stains for a customized look. The leveling feet are inset, and an optional Power Insert is available as well.

The versatile dimensions of The Abbey are sure to meet the demands of any work team, whether they need to make an impression or need to have plenty of room to collaborate with an abundance of materials in front of them all.

Select The Abbey as either a sitting table at a 30-inch height for a standard conference table or as a standing interactive workstation with a height of 42 inches. The standing table keeps your team active and engaged as they move around and interact with each other, increasing their productivity and elevating mood and energy levels.

Widths start at 36 inches for a comfortable distance while maintaining active conversation and span to 60 inches for the opportunity for everyone to spread out. If you thought it was a challenge to find a table to enable any task or display, Iron Age Office could make the perfect table to suit any need.

Length can go from 72 inches and span as long as 144 inches, so no large room feels vacant. Instead, work becomes collaborative and energized with no compromises in available space.  What dimensions are your perfect table?

Continuity in design – conference table

The Abbey fits beautifully with each of the other Iron Age Office models such as Carruca, Knight, and Fortis, creating a diversity of design, but with a distinct theme that continues throughout the office. The unique combination of wood and steel continue throughout, creating unity in design and that strong atmosphere inspiring confidence in your team to innovate and think outside of the box.

Made to order here in the USA

Iron Age Office creates each desk, table, workstation, and credenza to our customers’ specifications. Customers select the color of stain to match the unique look they wish to create, be it one of soft balance or prominent strength. Skilled artisans create every piece by hand, so every order is unique. conference table

With the resimercial designs from Iron Age Office, there is no mistake that the look will be one of distinction. The craftsmanship of the artisans make these distinctive pieces ones that will make a statement for years to come that is unmistakably Iron Age Office. Look through our products and see how easily they fit together as you create your perfect combination that will inspire productivity and collaboration. Explore some of the recent projects for ideas of how other design concepts came together so beautifully. What will your resimercial design look like with Iron Age Office?


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