Industrial Office Furniture Designs to Inspire You

While we would love to take credit for some of the design genius we have shared with Iron Age Office furniture, our credit lies with the powerful design features of the pieces themselves. That being said, we are in awe of what some designers and businesses have envisioned and brought alive with our striking furniture. designer desk

Let’s explore!

Carruca: the fan favorite

Carruca, our most popular line, is featured in this old favorite with an open desk with a low privacy screen. This product defines a personal workspace, but also encourages open exchanges between team members. In the center of this space at Core Wealth Advisors (photo 1) is a comfortable congregating area for team members to engage away from on-screen distractions. This customer really embraced the concept of resimercial design, didn’t they? The customized stain on the desks combined with that amazing slanted ceiling creates a sense of warmth in contrast to the strong natural design of the furniture pieces.

Knight sit/stand desk

This small team grouping at ACG Wealth (photo 2) features one of our newcomers, the sit/stand desk from the Knight collection. With today’s attention to ergonomics, employees can easily adjust their desk from a sitting to a standing position to continue working while maintaining comfort and prominent design. designer desk

IAO Cube

Another distinct new addition is the IAO Cube, which also includes the sit/stand feature as an option. Like the Knight collection, the sit/stand desktop bears no compromise to the striking design of this piece. The cube configuration also has a possibility of a dogbone configuration for more extensive workspaces (photos 3 & 4). Either design has the option of fixed height or sit/stand desktops.

Stack workstation

Before the cube, there was the Stack workstation, which offers similar versatility with more of an open concept. This design at the offices of Sandie Tsai (photo 5) allows for free-flowing communication of the team with an inviting appeal to increase approachability to the group. The Stack workstation is part of the Carruca and the Fortis collections.

Distinct presence on first entry

When a customer, vendor, or any professional walks into your front reception area, that first impression starts the conversation between the two of you before you even arrive to greet them. What do you want that impression to be? Will they see your business as powerful, edgy, soft, or creative? There is no rule that you cannot be all of them in your initial entry statement. Whatever the vibe, IAO fits right in.

Your own oasis

Now, what inspires your best work in your own office? What sets your mind at ease or energizes you? Be it tranquil or inspiring, the unique look of Iron Age Office creates the perfect base to build the environment around, complete with storage accessories to match the customized look.

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Strong and distinct

As you can see from these versatile design concepts, the IAO pieces fit flawlessly into each one. This means that as your design ideas and needs change, IAO can complement your new look as well as it does today. The craftsmanship of IAO provides exceptional value to carry your business through the years with each and every new look. designer desk


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