IAO Dealers: We are Bursting at the Seams!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates because we are chomping at the bit here at Iron Age Office to finally get to spread out in our new workshop and office space. It honestly cannot come a moment too soon for the great sports that have endured our cramped quarters right now as we burst at the seams.

We are making you a virtual tour video right now that we will have ready very soon. Until then, we thought we could fill you in on some details.


Our new digs have room to grow

Right now, our entire Iron Age Office team is working within the confines of 20,000 square feet. This space includes our workshop, offices, reception area, and conference rooms. These people have mastered the art of accomplishing just about anything with little space to do it. This mastery comes by way of creativity, respect, and prioritization of tasks.

Our new space will be 70,000 square feet, 2.5 times more space than we have today. Now you may be thinking, whatever will we find to do with so much space? We have ideas, we have a vision for the future, and we have HUGE PLANS!


The new offices

The first 8,000 square feet will be dedicated as office space. Our office space will be a complete showcase to display the very best of Iron Age Office. Really, can you think of a better way to feature our products? We couldn’t either, and who would want to? This office space includes a gorgeous reception area, regular offices for our growing team, plenty of conference room spaces, break room, and sales offices.

The office area decor is black and white, with mixed textures like shiplap for a striking rustic meets modern design that illustrates the versatility of Iron Age Office furniture. Out of the windows, you will find a wooded setting that also ties in our combination of industrial design with natural wood details. We are so excited, and can’t think of anything else to ask for as a showplace for our product! There’s a beautiful view in every direction, making the perfect backdrop every time as we feature Iron Age Office from every angle.


Designated welding space

We will have 15,000 square feet as separate and dedicated welding space. In that space, we will have eight welding stations to accommodate 8-10 welders, with plenty of room for all of their gear and supplies.


Workshop space – plenty of room to spread out

A separate workshop will call another 40,000 square feet their home. We expect this to provide plenty of space for our crew now for woodworking, finishing and packing.

Our receiving department will have a place for everything, and our team will have everything in its place and plenty of room to move around to get materials to each team efficiently.

That leaves us with another 7,000 square feet to grow, but realistically, it won’t be empty for long. If you find yourself coming to the Atlanta area in the near future, perhaps you could go and get a look for yourself. In the meantime, keep a lookout on our emails and social media for the next video to give you a first peek at our new space!


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