How to Motivate Yourself Through A Productivity Slump

Everyone has had those days, maybe even weeks or longer, where they are in a rut and can’t find the motivation to get things done. It can be hard and sometimes even stressful if you have a lot to get done and can’t seem to get started. Not to worry- we have a few tips that will help to get the ball rolling.


Work areas become a mess in the blink of an eye. There are papers everywhere, receipts, office materials scattered all over the desk and the next thing you know you can barely find your computer keyboard! Working in a clear space gives you a clean mind. If you are in one of those productivity slumps, we recommend taking the time (even just an hour) to organize your work space. To help organize, make sure you have enough storage space. Jamming papers and such into one small space is an easy way to create a clutter. Once you have the place for everything, get used to placing things back where they belong to create the healthy habit and preventing clutters.

Start Fresh

In addition to cleaning and organizing, create a space you enjoy working in! When people can’t find the motivation to exercise they buy new workout attire to motivate them. This tip applies to office space too. If you can’t find the motivation to be productive in your work space- create a space that you enjoy being in. Do some research on offices spaces to inspire you for new products and décor. A clean, comfortable work environment is more than likely going to help you to get going.


Perhaps your office space is comfortable, but your mind is completely somewhere else. You are not the only one! A recent workplace report says 70% of workers feel emotionally disconnected at work. If you work in a busy office, or with a lot of people, chances are there is a lot going on and you have ended up in your own world. This is not a bad thing, but having a happy, friendly work environment is a good thing. We recommend showing up to meetings a few minutes early to catch up with your peers. Try to schedule a lunch or social outing once every so often.  Not only could this help you but maybe your peers feel the same way too.

Get Active

Being in an office is exhausting and a break is needed for everyone. Being in front of a desk for 8 hours a day will physically drain anyone. Doing some sort of exercise for a short 30 minutes before coming into the office will give you a head start on the day and boost your energy. If you can’t work that into your routine take a short walk during work breaks. This will give you fresh air and give your mind a break.

We know how hard productivity slumps are to overcome. Hopefully these tips will help get you through it or prevent the next one. If you’re interested in a new and improved office space, reach out to Iron Age office today. Our innovative office design can help anyone get through that slump!


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