How to Design an Office With the Millennial in Mind

Since 2015, millennials have been the largest generation to join the current workforce. With Millennials, not only is technology evolving but the work space they prefer is much more different than the traditional office. Millennials are possibly the most creative and innovative generation in work history. With the right job and office space, there is a lot of potential for this new generation. Here are some of the trend’s Millennials prefer in their office space.

Team Work Spaces

Millennials enjoy areas where they can come together with their peers to share ideas. Millennials don’t like the idea of private work spaces or one big room. Instead, they prefer informal work areas; workstations that are similar to college study rooms. This generation reports that they are more likely to be productive in a setting where they feel as if they are in the library or coffee bar.

Workstations appeal to millennial employees. These workstations enable communication between coworkers but still allow privacy. Iron Age offers many different styles of work stations. Depending on your office’s needs, we have something to fit every type of office environment.

The Better the Environment, the Better the Work

In addition to workstations, millennials like a comfortable work environment. They don’t like to feel like they are trapped in an office all day. A desk and the necessary tools aren’t enough for employee’s today. Millennials appreciate art and modern furniture. The reason being is that the feeling of being trapped in an office all day decreases their productivity and energy. A comfortable work environment allows them to feel like they have a good work-life balance.

More Than A Work Environment

According to Business Insider, the average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work and a quarter of American’s say work is their number one cause of stress. Studies have shown a direct correlation between work and personal lives. These studies have caused companies to improve the quality of the environment. Office’s now have coffee rooms, high quality break rooms or even a fitness center. Millennials are attracted to companies that offer more than just an office space. High quality break rooms or coffee rooms are a great space for breaks and the team to come together. By designing a space dedicated to free time for your employees, you are sure to attract the best employees.

Millennials are all about technology and the reason they are so beneficial to your company is because they understand it inside out. Most of this generation is familiar with every program and if they’re not they are easily adaptable to it. It is vital to have the proper technology in place and not to mention an outstanding internet connection.

The workplace is taking a turn for the better. Millennials are different from any other generation, but they also bring a lot of new knowledge that can bring your company to where you want it to be. It is important to make your employees feel comfortable and motivated to come into work every day. For more inspiration of modern, industrial office supplies visit our website and the spaces we have created for innovation and productivity.


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