How to Create the Perfect Co-Working Space

In business today, co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular as businesses gain acceptance of traditionally unique working situations. Remote workers, employees at small startups and those who have the option to go outside the office are becoming more common, and they all need somewhere to work. So what started as a bare bones area that these non-traditional workers could go to has evolved and co-working spaces are often as nice, or nicer, than many offices today. So, how do you create this co-working space that is so important today?

Create an Open Space

Millennials and today’s workforce value openness that allows for creativity and communication. Take the picture above as an example. As you can see, each person has his or her own designated work space. Instead of tall, dark walls to enforce privacy, the space is open, but separated so each person can respect each other’s space. However, they’re also enabled to work together as they wish without having to walk over to the other side of the room.

Include a Space for Breaks

Spending a day at a co-working space is just like spending a day at the office in that it’s most likely long. The typical eight-hour work day can seem to stretch on and on if breaks are not strictly enforced. It is also proven that those who are friendly with one another collaborate better when it comes to creativity. By designing a designated space for workers to relax and take a break, this enables them to make small talk and get to know one another. This space should be comfortable and have a courtyard feel so that people will want to come there to talk all things other than work. This space could also be great to prevent distractions in the workplace. If some are trying to remain focused, others can step away into this place without bothering others.

Meeting Spaces Are Essential

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having someone come into your space without any room to have a private discussion. If you have frequent team meetings with other employees, you’ll want to have a space to go to that will allow everyone to get together. When creating your open space work place, don’t forget about meeting rooms! Meeting rooms are essential when it comes to guests, private discussions and team get togethers.

Iron Age Office recognizes the importance of co-working spaces and the high demand for these spaces as traditional jobs gain flexibility. We are dedicated to crafting working environments that are unique and creating a nice space that any worker can be proud of and enjoy coming to each day. Co-working spaces are a place where creativity and inspiration are cultivated, and with the right products in your space, you can create a strong co-working environment. For more office design inspiration, visit Iron Age Office’s gallery. To learn more about our products and what we can do for your business, visit our website and contact a team member today.


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