How Google, Uber and other top companies use innovative and resimercial design

By the year 2020, millennials are expected to make up 50% of the workforce. This urged some of the world’s most innovative companies to redesign their workspaces in order to compete for talent and create an environment that will help this generation feel more at home while at work. You may be wondering why a company should care so much about having their employees feel “at home”. The answer is actually quite simple, happy employees mean better employees. This design hybrid referred to as resimercial design, fuses the layout and aesthetics of a home and an office to create a beautiful balance of familiarity and well-being while maintaining a professional work environment. Fortunately, it’s not only the top tech companies that can put this design practice into use, every business can take steps towards creating a sought-after resimercial office.

Here are some curated resimercial design ideas from top companies like, Google, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and more.

It’s about comfort and being creative. The space must be energetic and induce creativity. Homely inspiration can start with lighting, flooring, desks, chairs, couches and tables and extend to smaller details such as artwork and patterns.

Thoughtful lighting can make the difference between migraines and sleepiness and a relaxed yet vibrant setting. Resimercial always opts for warmer, softer and more natural lighting.

Mixing metals woods is a brilliant way to combine home and office. The cozy appeal of wood with the boldness of steel makes for beautiful and durable office furniture. Many of these top companies use furniture that combines these two materials to create instagrammable bookcases, conference tables and reception desks.

Patterns and textures don’t have to match. Try using textured wall paper, mix wood and metals, throw vibrant pillows of different colors on the couches and incorporate soft and rough surfaces around the office.

Utilize your layout properly. If you can afford to renovate completely, knock down walls and make open spaces so that employees can create their own “think tanks”. It is as equally important to create quiet spaces too. Everyone works differently at different times, the goal here is to offer options.

Sprinkle the space with cozy seating. You cannot expect someone to sit in a hard chair all day and still be able to produce top-notch results. Flexible furniture is an extremely popular option for companies. Walk into any modern marketing firm or booming tech company and you’re bound to see sit-stand desks throughout. 

We may not all be able to provide our employees with sleep pods or cater their lunches but we can follow some of the design tips that the most desirable places to work are already using.


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