How Does Iron Age Office Support The Freedom To Be Creative?

Without a doubt, one of the most important traits of Iron Age Office is creativity. Creativity is what it took to form Iron Age Office initially, and what it’s taken to grow us to where we are today. The graveyard of failed companies is lined with the tombstones of those who refused to be innovative and creative. Iron Age Office has always been determined to excel beyond the design curve, utilizing lost techniques and trades. 

So, what does it take to maintain a creative environment, and how do we go about creating that in the first place? It all begins with our founder, Sean Dineen. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Sean knows the importance of using the right side of his brain. Once he began hiring employees, Mr. Dineen wanted to foster room for creative growth.

One of the most unique aspects of Iron Age Office, and something that many people may not know, is that every part of our creation process happens under the same roof. From the preliminary sketching of a new design, to the actual welding, sanding and assembly of the furniture, each step occurs mere feet from one another. Even those responsible for sales and marketing are in constant communication with the rest of the team. The closeness of our team is a huge part of why we’re able to work as well as we do.

In addition to being close, we’re also collaborative. Nothing is worse than working in a space where you don’t feel comfortable contributing ideas. At Iron Age Office, we don’t have that problem. It’s of the utmost importance for Iron Age that everyone feels as though they’re being heard. If anyone has an idea, suggestion, or question, Iron Age is ready to listen. This mentality spreads through every single employee, ensuring that everyone has a voice.

For any business to succeed, it must remember that it’s only as strong as the people who work for it. If employees don’t feel free to express themselves, they won’t give their best effort. Iron Age Office is able to create the highest quality furniture because we listen to everyone. We care about everyone.

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