Prepare for Back to School

Let’s face it. While we all love our children, it is one of the best days out of the year when summer vacation ends, and it’s time to go back to school. No more little office managers coming into your office to distract you, and the parent guilt goes away because you finally don’t have to tell your child “no” to playtime during work hours. As a work-from-home parent, it’s really time to get back in the zone. Whether you took the summer off with your children, or if you really just need to stop and get yourself together, now is the time. We have some helpful tips to help you get back into the swing of things. home office furniture

1) Create the home office you’ve always wanted

When it’s time to work from home, where do you go? We would all love to work from our beds and couches, but after a while, it becomes tough to get work done. Having an actual office with a desk, chair and proper storage will keep you motivated and productive. Your home office should be somewhere quiet and free from distractions. We understand that not every home has an extra room for an office which is why our versatile Carruca desk is a great fit for any living space. This bold and beautiful desk is great for an office space or even if you have to place it in an open living space like a kitchen or living room.

2) Invest in comfortable seating

As if our children don’t wear us out enough! Nothing is worse than a headache and back pain which could have been prevented with comfortable, ergonomic chairs. Once you invest in a good chair you will notice a boost in your productivity, a decrease in headaches, back pain and have a boost of energy throughout your day. For something that you’re using during the majority of your day, this is one tool that’s of the utmost importance. Don’t cheap out when it comes to your office chair – your muscles and body will thank you!

3) Set yourself up for success

It’s easy to create a mess in your home office. One minute you have some work papers scattered across your desk and by the end of the day you have coffee mugs, bills, work reports, and children’s toys strewn across the floor. Before you jump back in the game, set aside a few hours to deep clean and organize your office space. If you have the extra space and have a lot of paperwork, office tools or other necessary supplies, consider buying storage furniture. Iron Age Office has built the perfect pieces for home office furniture. For instance, the Edwin Credenza (available with 48 inch and 60 inch doors) combines storage and style to keep your office in order, while still looking great and fitting in with the rest of your home.

Working remotely is such a blessing because we still get to enjoy our jobs, while being able to be home and spend more time with our loved ones. It’s important to stay motivated and productive at home and being prepared by having the right set-up is setting yourself up for success. If you work from home and get to save money on child care costs, use that money to invest in your home office. Your body and your employer will appreciate your comfortable, motivating home office.


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