Ergonomic Work Spaces: The Future of Good Health

We hear the term ‘ergonomics’ thrown around every now and then, but what exactly is it and why is it so important for your workplace?

Ergonomics is all about taking precautions and improving the health, safety, productivity and comfort of the people in your office. While their interaction with technology as well as others and the environment around them cannot be monitored every now and then but what is possible is to choose an ergonomic workstation design that allows for the body to be at the right posture while working. 

Every workplace is responsible to make sure that the employee is working in comfortable and effective environment. Therefore, implementing ergonomic work spaces is one of the best ways to achieve this. Not only are ergonomic work spaces omething that should be expected in every office, but they also have a positive impact on employees and the overall workplace in more ways than one.

What Makes an Office  Ergonomic?

Putting an ergonomic workstation in place involves correctly setting up and positioning the office chair, monitor, desk, keyboard, mouse and phone in a way that is comfortable and natural to sit in and use for the employees.

At Iron Age Office, we help our clients enhance the effectiveness of their setup. The ideal office furniture is adjustable and can be modified easily to accommodate different people’s needs and job requirements.

Knowing what type of desk setup suits best depends on the work tasks to be performed, the design, adjustability and ease of use for the work space as well as your existing office layout.

As we hear very often these days, sitting is the new smoking. Research suggests that sitting at your desk for long periods of time has many adverse effects on your health. To address this issue we have some simple options that will help make your office more ergonomic. 

Ergonomic Chairs– Ergonomic chairs are office chairs that have adjustable support for the lower back of the employees, which is also called lumbar support. The seat height is always kept to be adjustable in order to ensure that the person sitting on the chair has both feet planted firmly on the ground.  

Sit/Stand Desks– Also called standing desks; these are height-adjustable mechanical platforms that sit on top of the desk where the monitor is placed. This is the current biggest trend when it comes to ergonomic furniture. It helps employees to alternate between sitting and standing while working. We have many options to choose from our standard IAO Sit/Stand to sit/stand returns and even our Knight desks. 

D0 you think it is time for you to upgrade your office workstations with more ergonomic friendly office furniture? It helps in better productivity as well as employee well-being. We can help you select the right products for your office. 


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