Drive your employees to new heights by understanding what’s beneath the surface

Remember DISC?

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to DISC personality types in our blog about working in an open office environment. We also invited you to take the test for yourself. We even went the extra mile for those in sales in how to recognize and sell to different personality types. This blog is for our leaders out there, and how to drive your team beyond your expectation with your understanding what is underneath the surface, what you may not see, for understanding what drives them is the key to helping them get to the next level.


A quick summary of the DISC types

Everyone has a single or combination of types that make up how they respond to the world around them and what drives them.

D is the DOMINANT type, which is task-oriented and outgoing.

I is the INFLUENTIAL type, which is people-oriented and outgoing.

S is the STEADY type, which is people-oriented and reserved.

C is the CONSCIENTIOUS type, which is task-oriented and reserved.

Each of these personality types has distinctively different drivers and blind spots. As a leader, achieving a keen understanding helps you to delegate tasks and responsibilities to get the most out of your team.


Dominant personalities

These are your self-starters and problem solvers. They are very direct, not afraid to take risks, and have high ego’s. These team members understand the value of time and are bottom-line organizers. They can make hard decisions and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.


Motivate Ds

Provide new challenges outside of the routine and give them the authority to make decisions. They enjoy changing environments.


Blind Spots

D’s may take on too much at once and get argumentative about it (or anything else).They also tend to overstep authority with unclear boundaries. Their greatest concern is being taken advantage of.


Influential personalities

These are the ones to get everyone motivated! They maintain enthusiasm in all tasks and can change on a moment’s notice with great optimism. This person can solve problems and motivate others with their sense of humor and act as a peacemaker when things get tense.

Motivate Is

Praise is like caffeine to the Is who thrive on acceptance and flattery. They enjoy a friendly environment free from strict rules so they can think and work creatively.


Blind spots

The Is are full of grand ideas but can be inattentive to the tiny details. Listening skills aren’t as strong as others, so have instructions in writing so they can refer back. Their biggest concern is rejection, so always appeal to their emotional connection.


Steadiness personalities

These are your dependable team players. They follow the rules and operate with a great level of patience. On a team in conflict, the S is like Switzerland, and good at fostering reconciliation.


Motivate Ss

The S wants you to be as loyal to them as they are to you. They value routine and security. They prefer activities that they can start and see to the finish.


Blind spots

Because of their love of routine, you will discover resistance to changing their routine as a loss of security, so practice patience with them through these times. They are sensitive to criticism and likely to hold a grudge. They may need assistance establishing priorities trying support everyone at once.


Conscientious personalities

These are your analytical perfectionists and anchor of reality. Count on them for precision and accuracy in anything they do. They hold themselves and their colleagues to very high standards. They have a gift for removing emotion from an equation and showing just the facts.


Motivate Cs

C’s prefer to operate within a high standard of quality. They will gladly take on the detailed tasks and prefer working alone with all of the information you can feed them.


Blind spots

A great deal of attention is given to quality and accuracy, so the C will hate criticism of their care and precision. They are uncomfortable with fuzzy boundaries and lack of procedure. They are unlikely to verbalize their feelings and will give in over arguing.


The value is in the mix

Each personality type brings a value to the team, and the diversity between them an even greater value. In an open office environment, Iron Age Office workstations encourage different personalities to bring new perspectives and ideas with any challenge. Stack them with a complimentary combination of personalities and be prepared to be amazed.


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