Design Mistakes Successful Businesses Avoid

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to business. Think about it, when you walk into an office (or any space) where they clearly put a lot of consideration and money into it, what do you think? Most people assume they take care of themselves and their employees. A business that has a nice, organized, creative space is more likely to be of interest to a future employee, potential business partner or even your current employees. It is not uncommon to avoid designing an office. In fact, a lot of businesses fail to do so. What some businesses fail to realize is some of the most successful businesses in the world have some of the most appealing designs. Here are some of the mistakes successful businesses avoid when creating office design.

Little to No Reception Area

As an employee, it’s easy to forget about the reception area. You may come through a side or back entrance and never walk by the reception area, or sometimes you are so concerned about meeting areas and work spaces that you completely forget about a reception area. A reception area gives your business the opportunity to make a first impression. Almost every business has a receptionist and someone to greet a visitor. It is important to spend time and money creating an impressive reception space.

Leaving Out Storage Space

When you purchase office furniture, you think you got it all with chairs, desks, and maybe some décor. It isn’t until you see piles of papers all over the office until you realize you have no where to put these piles of papers. Storage space in an office is extremely important for cleanliness and organization. Having a cluttered office is distracting to you, your employees and office visitors. Having a good storage system in place is something all successful businesses include in their office design.

Not Having a Community Space

Have you ever been in an office and scattered last minute to find space to hold a meeting? A lot of times, businesses don’t have enough meeting rooms or any at all. Private rooms are a necessity for businesses today. Not only is it needed for meetings with visitors and employees, but sometimes employees might need a private space for themselves. Making sure you have rooms with conference tables and plenty of chairs will prevent you from scattering last minute to find a meeting space.

Dull Environment

The more comfortable the environment, the more productive your employees will be. The majority of workers today, do not like the office with empty walls and plain furniture. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your work space. The office is similar to a home. When you are not home, you spend most of your time in the office, why not make it as comfortable as possible? Adding innovative furniture and some décor is a simple way to create a comfortable work space.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your office design. Creating an innovative office space will help increase productivity and create long-lasting first impressions. For office design inspiration visit our recent projects.


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